Order picking system - HSP Next

HSP Next sets new standards for the industry.
The system is designed to be as ergonomic as possible while maximising production. The new conveyor system produces minimal waste, lower energy costs and lower noise level. This results in improved conditions for staff and the environment and increased productivity.

Conveyor technology - roller conveyor

The HS conveyor system (for HS transport baskets or plastic containers) consists of segments with individually controlled drive, the "stop-and-go"-goods flow logistics system of HSP Next. The transport system is reliable, and works smooth and almost soundless. Each zone can be controlled individually or in groups. This leads to a rapid transport of each container and  a precise stopp when necessary. The position of the container on the transport system is constantly monitored.

Counting stations

The HSP Next counting stations have been designed for maximum productivity and optimal ergonomics.

Each station includes a certain number of titles positions on one, two, three or more levels. A shelf, a section with rollers, the weighing plate and the stack depositors are located on the side of the picking counting station. A ZCP with detailed information about the picking process, clear presentation of the collection displays and other functions (e.g. Interaction for quantity adjustments and weight tolerances) also belongs to the counting station.

On the goods supply-side the system provides the alphanumeric title displays with the progressive residual quantity indication and a storage compartment for unpacking and positioning aid.

HSP Next document manager and –applier

The HS News system is able to handle customized documents in the system, to print them in the correct order through the online HS document manager, and at the end of the order picking section finally assign them to bundles. With bar code readers, belt conveyors, stoppers and accumulation zones the HS document applier ensures that the right documents are categorized in the correct container.

Fully automatic package transfer to the packaging technology

The tested HS transfer point ensures an efficient and safe package delivery to the strapping machine. With the help of forks the packages are routed to the first strapping. At the same time the side stabilizers of the strapping machine provide lateral, mechanical assistance.

HS Title-position check

To check that all the titles on the roller conveyor have been placed in the right positions at the beginning of the commissioning process, HS News has a title-position check program. This consists of a barcode reader, which is connected to the HS picking server via the network. The operator/applier scans the barcode of a title, followed by a visual signal displayed on the corresponding title display. Duplicated titles also trigger a notification.